Sony альфа 37 инструкция

sony альфа 37 инструкция
The icing on the viewing cake is the clever built-in eye sensor, which automatically switches on the viewfinder when you look into it, then switches it off and turns on the LCD monitor when you look away. Already at f/2.8 the sharpness across frame near infinity can be very good but mind a little field curvature. Front Tilting LCD Screen From the front the Sony A37 looks unthreatening to the novice DSLR user.

Widest rectilinear lens there is in a small package. Pronounced distortion at the ends, average vignetting and annoying ghosting for some scenes but fine most of the time. The Sony Alpha 65 does not have a direct predecessor like the Sony Alpha 77 however is still considered a replacement for the Sony Alpha 700 with less high-end specifications than its brother. Одно из преимуществ Sony SLT-A37 перед конкурентами от Nikon и Canon — наличие у камеры «отвёртки» управления автофокусом. К слову, у недорогого Pentax K-r «отвёртка» также есть. Beneath the Function button we find a familiar four-way control pad. Focus system[edit] TTL phase-detection AF. 15-point autofocus sensors with 3 cross type sensors. -1 to 18 exposure value focus sensitivity range (ISO 100 equivalent with F2.8 lens attachment). Continuous (AF-C), single (AF-S), auto (AF-A) and manual (MF) focus options.

Phillip Reeve I like to be outside with my camera and I am also a gear head with a love for manual lenses. Jannik’s Choice: Sony FE 4/16-35 ZA OSS Although I currently don’t own the 4/16-35 anymore, it was my favorite UWA lens for my FE cameras so far. It was surprisingly good at the short end and very versatile. Наиболее доступные зеркалки Pentax и Canon лишь немного дешевле, а Nikon D3200 и вовсе дороже. Already at f/2.8 the sharpness across frame is very good at the wide end. At 24mm not nearly as good compared to 14mm, needs to be stopped down to f/8.0 for best performance here.

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