Инструкция на сони xperia l

инструкция на сони xperia l
Page 26 To enter a carriage return • When you enter text, tap to enter a carriage return. To select text Enter some text, then double-tap the text. Описание Sony Xperia L, отзывы и тесты, форум и все для Sony Xperia L: темы оформления, java игры, программы, картинки, видео, мелодии. Page 52: Email, Getting Started With Email Email Getting started with Email You can handle several email accounts at the same time using the Email application, including corporate Microsoft Exchange Active Sync accounts.

Tap Connect. To disconnect from a virtual private network Drag the status bar downwards. Tap . Page 34: Mobile Network Settings To set a data usage warning Make sure that data traffic is turned on. Page 31: Enhancing The Sound Output, Memory Clear Phase™ and xLOUD™ technology. From the camera, you can, for example, send your photos and videos to friends as messages, or upload them to a web service. After that you will see window with informations.

Sony does not warrant the accuracy of any directional services. Afterwards from the window with 3 options choose «Phone / Tablet Software Update», and click «Start». Then click to «repair my phone / tablet». Accept all informations. From your Home screen, tap Tap Settings > Xperia™ with Facebook. Tap OK. It may take a while for the device to shut down. Please follow the instructions in your screen, and accept appropriate options.

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