Инструкция на двигатель iveco f32

инструкция на двигатель iveco f32
You should install RaceChip products according to installation instructions. The RaceChip module can be installed at independent garages. The installation manual I received doesn’t correspond to my engine. The plug is affixed with a simple locking mechanism at the sensor. However if you contact our customer service, one of our technicians will gladly talk you through how to connect the cable harness and auxiliary device over the phone.

Does RaceChip offer an installation service? We do not offer an installation service. How do I remove the plug in the event of deinstallation? Does the diagnostic device show that performance enhancement has been installed? No. A diagnostic device only reads out the data saved to the vehicle’s own engine control unit. The photo of the 2.3 liter SOFIM HPI engine with SAE housing shown here to the left is linked to a larger image.

Where is the best place for the module in the engine compartment? You can request vehicle-specific pictures from our customer services over the phone or by email if the instruction manual provided is not helpful. Can I damage anything when installing in my engine?

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