Инструкция по подключению пионер mvh160ui

инструкция по подключению пионер mvh160ui
Соответственно, подключить автомагнитолу можно как при помощи штатного разъема ISO, который является стандартным для большинства устройств, так и «дедовским» способом – в обход стандартных разъемов, через скручивание проводов. Диск не нужен но она хоть не зависала. А я повелся на экран. В общем буду сдавать. This display also provides you with more music information.

The Premier DEH-P770MP’s playback includes not only MP3 and WMA, but also CDs with iTunes AAC files — a world’s first! It also features a totally new design, with a unique 7-Way Rotary Commander for easy operation plus a Deep Blue OEL Display with screensavers and background videos. — Магнитола только USB и не смотря на это по книжке может читать только 1500 трэков. And since these CDs hold so much data, you’ll be happy to know that Pioneer MP3 headunits also include a random play mode.

This allows access to many iPhone function using voice commands, such as selecting music, making calls and much more. Though the layout and number of connectors may vary depending on the model of the vehicle and the Pioneer stereo head, a wire harness with a 12-pin connecter is one of the most common. With the trim bezel removed, the stock radio can simply be unscrewed from the dash and the connectors and antennae lead gently unplugged from the back. Premium sound qualityEvery model within the DEH range is equipped with a CD-drive that reads regular CD’s, as well as CD-R/RW discs.

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