Veggie twister инструкция

veggie twister инструкция
And it’s called – strangely enough – Betty Bossi.This little green…thingo…makes garnishing easy. Waste of moneyInstead 1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 15, 2015 First negative: The product does not do as claimed — cutting a variety of vegetables including carrots and zucchini. Sale Clearance New In $39.95 RRP: $39.95 Delivery & Collection Sold In-store Product Information This ingenious award-winning device from the innovators at Betti Bossi is the latest craze in speciality tools. Это позволяет хозяйке заранее оценить, нужно будет чистить еще овощи или фрукты, чтобы их нарезать, или хватит того, что есть. But the process is nearly as simple: Secure the vegetable onto the blade (once the machine is assembled) and crank out some noodles.

Your review will be posted in one to two days. We’ll post your screen name and location with your review. If you choose to answer reviewer profile questions such as age or gender, your responses will also be displayed with your review. The results were fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed the raw courgette and the beetroot. We will certainly use it again and again. Они также имеют форму втулок: с одной стороны с резьбой, а с другой — с режущими лезвиями разной конфигурации для нарезания продуктов, как тонкими фигурными пластинками, так и длинными серпантинными нитями. Think zucchini, yellow squash, carrots and cucumbers for the first couple of spiral go-rounds. Crafted from thick green plastic, with stainless steel blades in each end.

Naturally, I’ve been julienning/spiralizing my little heart out. So far I’ve tried zucchini and carrots, but I’m wondering if it works on other veggies or fruit. I’m sure beets would work, although it would be messy. I’m pretty sure it will work on potatoes too. Dual stainless-steel blades cut thick or thin pasta strands. Secure, twist and experience noodle magic. (See the whole tutorial here.) As for what to make? Она выполнена в приятной цветовой гамме: сочетание салатового и темно-зеленого цвета. Simply slice your veggies to a minimum diameter of around three centimetres, place them into the Veggie Twister and twist. Это сможет сделать даже ребенок, помогая маме, потому что не требуется прикладывать большую силу, чтобы получить желаемый результат.

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