Рациональ 61 инструкция

рациональ 61 инструкция
This unit must not be used by children or people with limited physical, sensor or mental capacity or those without the necessary experience and/or knowledge, unless such people are supervised by a person who is responsible for their safety. Cleaning and descaling products and the associated accessories must only be used for the purposes described in this manual. The buzzer sounds and the indicated level flashes as soon as the preset time for the relevant rack is up.

Example: Program step 1 (h:m), Program step 2 (m:s)- 66 -am/pm 24h °C °Fh:m m:sIPPress Temperature format. Сначала вставьте термокерн в самый маленький кусок жаркого. Caution! The hand shower and water from the hand shower may be hot – Risk of burns.The hand shower has no latch position. If you pull hard on the hand shower and it exceeds the maximum available hose length, it will damage the hose. Никогда не открывать дверцу рабочей камеры во время процесса очистки — возможен случайный выход химических средств очистки и горячих испарений опасность ожога горячей жидкостью или паром! Their product line includes the CombiMaster Plus, the SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses oven, hoods, and a wide range of accessories. In 2015, RATIONAL won the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Best in Class Operators award for combi ovens.

Hot food preparation has a lot to do with the art of engineering and nutritional science and has even more to do with the art of cooking. Ultimately, we see ourselves as innovative solution providers and not just machine builders. Frequently-Asked Questions What you’ve always wanted to know.Membership of the Club is free for you. This is quality made in Germany. We concentrate first on the benefits and the satisfaction of our customers.

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