Мод тюнинг беэ на 3d инструкция

Default value is 85 and 0 means «no limit» (but it is not recommended!). You should set it to a framerate your machine can manage constantly. As later shown, more com_maxfps values can result in the same effective frames-per-second. Does not affect public chat messages. cg_teamChatTime . Default value is 3000 (three seconds). Sets the time, in milliseconds, for which «team chat» messages will be shown in the lower part of the HUD, in case cg_teamChatHeight is set. You can change it from console using \cg_viewsize (default value is 100). \sizedown and \sizeup commands are/can be binded to specific keys.

Вообще, производитель заявляет, что для достижения своих ходовых качеств, Civic прошел сложное тестирование, пройдя по британским дорогам около 35 000 км. Архив по ссылке на скачивание возможно будет дополняться/обновляться. Даже если для «полной гаммы ощущений» этого значения будет недостаточно — постарайтесь первое время просто перетерпеть. They can affect 3D world rendering or your HUD (head-up-display).Many of them are in these menus: Setup —> System —> Graphics Setup —> System —> Display Setup —> Game options And some may be available only via command console. Default value is 1. Ejecting brassEdit This option, available from «game options» menu or with \cg_brasstime variable, controls how long you will see the cartridge cases ejected by some weapons, before they disappear.

You can use cg_weaponbarstyle command to change style. Default value is 0. The spiral is nice at look, but you may want to remove it, if you find it a distraction. Default value is 1 (enabled). Low ammo warningEdit Using \cg_drawAmmoWarning <0 or 1> variable, you can disable or enable the «low ammo warning» and «out of ammo» on-screen messages when you have few or no ammo left. This mode is enabled with \r_stereoEnabled 1 (default value is 0 and requires \vid_restart to be effective). It is not confirmed whether this method actually works flawlessly with OA or not. Projectile trailEdit Projectile trailing smoke shown and hidden.

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