Maxsea инструкция на русском

maxsea инструкция на русском
Данная система доступна в продаже и для сервиса. Jumbo Ship Simulator -Тренажер Управление судном LightMaster Professional Radar Simulator Navionics 5.3.1 — программа для работы с GPS навигацией, морскими картами. India bought five of these ships as Veer class corvettes, and would later produce eight ships of the same class domestically. The operator can easily track objects of interest with fast and high precision PTZ control using a mouse or joystick. The model of the missiles in the KT-138 launch containers were P-20 (NATO: SS-N-2B), basically they were P-15 updated with the new guidance system but with the original 40 km range. Ship Simulator 2008, 2006-симулятор гражданских морских судов Weather Watcher Live-представляющей собой портативную Windows–метеостанцию, работающую в реальном времени.

Other equipment included a small navigation radar type «Kivach-2» on the bridge roof (or MR-312 «Pechera-1» on the ships of Poland), and the gun-fire control radar MR-123 Vympel (NATO: «Bass Tilt») at the foot of the mast. For example, the NMEA publicizes which messages exist and which fields they contain, but they do not disclose how to interpret the values contained in those fields. This approach ensures that the events that are persisted are only those that are required for your business metrics. Доктор-Справочник для моряков по медицине и оказанию первой помощи. System Requirements — IBM-compatible PC running Windows XP operating system and an available USB port. WARNING: Windows Vista and Windows 7 are not supported by the Spanner software.

Think about what information you want displayed for easy situational awareness and make sure you spend time customising your display to show only what you need and, ideally, nothing more. Новая цена на систему контроля дееспособности вахтенного помощника TSS/WATCH ALARM Valcom! Антенные устройства Перейти на страницу Подробнее Дата: 18.04.2014 GMDSS Enitel HT 644 Наша компания предлагает новую станцию ГМССБ Enitel HT 644 GMDSS по уникальным ценам. SeaNav UK & Ireland offers a unique ‘augmented reality’ view using Internet AIS. Garmin BlueChart Mobile good for planning, but only shares with Garmin hardware. iBoating is surprisingly versatile, but was the least expensive on test – and it showed. Instead, the fire control radar, X-band «Garpun-Bal» (NATO: «Plank Shave»), built for the anti-ship missiles, was installed on the top of the mast.

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