Leader kids автокресло инструкция

leader kids автокресло инструкция
This is why, in 2002, we started the Snug Kids® program. Then, after securing the CRS, move the vehicle seatback upright. Child safety seats, or car seats, reduce the risk of injury by 71% to 82% and reduce the risk of death by 28% in comparison to children in seat belts alone. Seat belts and car seats contact the strongest parts of the body, spread crash forces over a wide area, help the body slow down and protect the brain and spinal cord.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and injury for all children. The service is free and only a step away. To find a certified technician, call (866) SEAT-CHECK or click here. May 15, 2013 Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Share through email Parents know that finding the right Child restraint system (CRS) is a vital part of protecting our children on the road. While one person pushes down and into the seatback to compress the seat cushions, the second person should pull the seat belt tightly around the CRS to remove all slack. Using a non-slip mat can help stabilize the CRS against the vehicle’s seat bottom and seatback, especially on a slick seating surface, such as leather.

Новорожденным детям необходимо особое положение при езде, поэтому кресло Baby Leader Comfort с анатомической подушкой разработано таким образом, чтобы маленькому пассажиру было максимально комфортно в пути.Установить кресло очень легко, ведь оно надежно крепится ремнями безопасности автомобиля. Here at Nissan, we have always recognized that the safety of our passengers is at the core of everything we do. All vehicle occupants need to be properly restrained by seat belts or child safety seats to prevent injury in case of a sudden stop, swerve or crash. Also consider having an expert check the seat.

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