Квадрокоптер hcw 553 инструкция

The camera is from SurveilZone, but you can also get a cheaper one from Banggood. They are just package foams, Making Micro Air Gates As soon as I know Hoverspeed is developing micro air gates for micro quads, I couldn’t resist to make my own! I used some copper wire (the one I used to make cloverleaf antenna), paper, cello-tape, foam, and blue tack. The 8.5mm 0820-17 Motors I got were also from Multirotor Superstore, they work perfectly for me! Maybe solder just one motor first and test it before soldering the rest.

Maybe more suited for outdoor, or a big sports hall. Binding is also easy: Enter “Bind” mode on your Transmitter, short the two pins labled “BIND” on the RX , then power the board up with the Lipo. Landing Gear I added landing gear as well to protect the LiPo mounted underneath the frame. The 600mAh 35C is in an odd, long shape, it’s harder to get a good CoG when mounting this battery on the quad. I would probably avoid those. For example you can connect standard LEDs to the 3v and GND used by the RX or the pads on the bottom. If you want even brighter LED’s you could hook it up directly to the spot where your Lipo connects for a higher voltage 3.8 – 4.2v.

Vibration can be isolated/reduced when you mount the FC on the frame with double sided tape. Unlike the CJMCU, the Beef board is a standalone flight controller, and is not integrated into a frame. For long flight time, 750mAh 35C absolutely killed it! I would never expect such good durability from a micro quad. It’s not as agile as the smaller LiPo, but it’s not bad at all.

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