Инструкция для sercel 428 rus

инструкция для sercel 428 rus
The TMS428 is a test system dedicated to 428XL field electronics. It mainly consists of a PC computer and an interface unit (TMU428) the core of which is an LAUX-428 fitted with specific software that enables it to perform both acquisition and advanced test functions. The DSU offers the same LINK configuration as the current system but with fully integrated digital accelerometers as part of the electronics package. Cell Access Node (CAN) The CAN controls the field Units in a radio cell, by sending and receiving commands, data and status information to and from the Central Recording Unit. The compact design is highly portable and easy to handle. In order to address the growing demands of the geophysical industry for large channel counts in difficult environment and total flexibility in layout and telemetry modes, Sercel has added Vibtech’s 3-in-1 Unite cable-free system to its portfolio of industry-leading seismic acquisition products. The Acutime Gold is a pole-mounted GPS receiver and antenna in a single environmentally sealed enclosure.

Field Efficiency The 428XL makes it easy for your crews to shoot the most accurate data in the least amount of time, with the fewest possible trucks and people in the field. The system has two principal field components: Field Acquisition Unit (Unit) The field Unit is a stand-alone item, capable of handling 1, 2, 3 or 4 analogue input channels. With this increased layout flexibility, seismic crews are able to avoid all types of obstacles and achieve greater field efficiency.

Click here to join online today! If you are an EEGS Member (with access to EEGS publications and the SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts), click here to sign in and access your desired content. The CAN is capable of communicating with the Central Recording Unit either via Unite’s new license free high data rate 5.8GHz radio network, via fibre-optic cable or a combination of both. Sercel has introduced a new addition to the 408UL system, the Digital Sensor Unit (DSU). The DSU is an integrated package made up of station electronics and a digital accelerometer based on MEMS (Micro-machined Electro-Mechanical Sensor) technology. Interface between the spread and the e-428 client/server architecture, the LCI-428 supports as much as 10,000 channels in real time at 2ms sampling rate. The best ownership value in the industry Significant weight savings Scalable architecture User-friendly and powerful software Advanced QC & Maintenance tools.

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