Done deal 6659 инструкция по применению

done deal 6659 инструкция по применению
But, we also want to keep a stable, maintenance version of the program to fix bugs on. To do this, we will create a branch for our new development. To create a new branch in git gui, choose Branch → Create. The defaults for these options are sensible so just fill in the user name and email for now. If you have a favorite font, you may want to set it now as well. Суперклеи Гели (универсальные, экономичные, бесцветные) — для мгновенного склеивания изделий из пластмассы, металла, дерева, резины, картона, фарфора, бумаги, кожи.

Creating a Repository To create a repository, first create the folder you want the project to live under. You will then be presented with the main interface of git gui, which is what will be shown from now on when you right click on your folder and click Git GUI Here. The file will be moved from the Unstaged Changes pane to the Staged Changes pane. Склеивает металл, стекло, резину, дерево, бетон, фаянс и др. Continue clicking Next until the installation is complete. Производство ABRO, США. POXIPOL 10 Min Metallic — двухкомпонентный клей — холодная сварка.

Также подходит для внутренних частей автомобиля, которые не подвергаются прямому воздействию УФ излучения. Merging After days of work, we decide that our lastname branch is stable enough to be merged into the master branch. To perform the merge, use Merge → Local Merge. After resolving the conflict, stage the changes by clicking the file icon and then commit the merge by clicking the Commit button. Committing Now that the repository has been created, it is time to create something to commit.

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