Autolock 6.5 инструкция

autolock 6.5 инструкция
Turn the SEL/PUSH EXEC dial to select MANUAL then press the dial. Charging the Battery Supply power with the AC adapter while the battery is inserted, and leave the POWER switch set to OFF Approximate charging time for full battery: Normal battery 2.5 hours, Extended life battery 6.5 hours. Note: if the sky chart is using Equatorial coordinates (see Settings > Coordinates) the horizon will not be shown. Center Alt (or Dec): Sets the altitude at the center of the sky chart. At 0° the chart is centered on the horizon, at +90° it is centered directly overhead at the zenith, and at -90° it is centered directly under your feet.

This locking level makes these storage engines more suitable for read-only, read-mostly, or single-user applications. The Sky Chart view, looking northwest.Note the — and + hot corners for zooming,and Deneb as the selected object.Click to enlarge. Give your new list a title; you can then add objects to the list. When the location information is obtained this way the location name is filled in as «Current Location». Choose Location From List: If you are near a major city, you can choose your location from a list. Default Settings: SkySafari creates a default settings file the first time you run the app. Rise and Set Times — when the object appears on the horizon for the current local day.

Fixed an issue where a filtered app list for navigation was displaying the incorrect icons. Examples are M 42 (the Great Orion Nebula) in Orion and M 20 (the Trifid Nebula) in Sagittarius. Once enabled on the Garmin Connect Mobile app (More > LiveTrack), the LiveTrack session will be automatically started when the user begins an activity. Adding Objects to an Observing List You can add objects to an observing list from the Object Info view. When the email is received, the Mail app on the recipient’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will launch their copy of SkySafari, import the settings file into their list of saved settings, and let them restore the settings you sent them — all in a single step! Zenith & Nadir: Sets whether the zenith and nadir are displayed on the sky chart.

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