Ariel 7 technologies in 1 wash инструкция

ariel 7 technologies in 1 wash инструкция
Documents all related activities including a Postmortem Evaluation of each event responded and report to the Director of the CHD/Hospitals copy furnished the Director, HEMS. Develops research proposals that would aid the service in policy direction, implementation and improvement. The actual duration can be slightly lower or higher and it depends on water temperature, water pressure, unballanced loads etc. Dark Care Programme It helps dark coloured clothes maintain their colour for longer, while ensuring there are no powdery detergent deposits left on the clothes after washing. Many people wonder what does the name CARAGA stand for.

The name was derived from two Visayan words: “Kalag” for soul or people, and “An” for land. Our Aquafusion Technology is a feature on all Beko washing machines. Follow the HEARS reporting and coordinates with the DOH Central Operation for all emergencies and disasters. Use of this technology for personal gain is strictly prohibited. Laundry This highly efficient A+++ energy rated washing machine has a high 1500rpm spin speed and features an easy to use LCD display Medium load capacity (7kg) These Beko appliances allow you to wash larger loads and, the small depth allows a flush finish with the kitchen cabinets. Child safety lock Activating the Child Safety Lock prevents the accidental changing of washing programmes by locking the buttons.

Submits quarterly reports to the Director of the Health Emergency Management Staff.DOH-CHD CARAGA HANDBOOKPage 32HEMS Assistant Coordinators: 1. 2. 3. 4.Assist the HEMS-Coordinator in all activities. The 30° programmes give you great results thanks to the latest technologies developed by Beko and detergent manufacturers. You will need to tell us your contact, product and purchase details and describe the parts you require when contacting us. The implementation of KP is being directed towards ensuring the achievement of the health system goals for better health outcomes, sustained health financing and responsive health system by ensuring that all Filipinos, especially the disadvantaged group, have equitable access to health care. Interactive LCD display The LCD display keeps you informed by showing the time remaining till the end of the wash as well as the time delay. It also displays the spin speed and temperature selection.

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